Lee’s ATA Martial Arts West Phoenix Campus

3602 W. Thomas Rd. #15
Phoenix, AZ 85019
(Just West of 35th Ave. & Thomas)

Call Us: 602-272-5733

Hours: Mon, Wed-Fri 12-8pm
Tues 3-8pm, Sat 8am-1pm

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About the West Phoenix Campus

The Lees opened the West Phoenix Campus in 2001 alongside their first location in Tempe. This campus grew much more quickly than anyone could have ever imagined and now remains to be one of the most active and involved of all of the Lee’s campuses. Located in the heart of Phoenix, there are many families that train together here under the instruction of Mr. Villalobos and his team. One thing you’ll notice that sets West Phoenix apart from the others is that the children that started with us back when we opened are now some of our finest instructors; the environment here breeds true talent.

Meet the Instructors:

Mr. Robert Villalobos
3rd° Black Belt
Manager & Instructor

Ms. Jenny Medina
3rd° Black Belt
Program Director & Instructor

Mr. Manuel Mendez
3rd° Black Belt
Chief Instructor

Mr. Jovani Mendez
1st° Black Belt
Assistant Instructor